European Medical Writing

Our special strength is our ability rework complicated, scientific issues and present them to the targeted audience in comprehensible and accurate language.

Thereby, these clearly and precisely formulated scientific contents are successfully transformed into effective advertising statements and are communicated to respective target group (such as professional associations, physicians, pharmacists, patients, patient associations, and last not least your field organization).



Publication PR Article
Subject brochures Product brochures
Press map Patient brochures

The basis for our history of success is a clear positioning of entrusted ethical and OTC-Products using professional techniques, such as effect profile analysis or SWOT-Analysis together with a close collaboration with your product management departments and customer communication.

Depending on the product cycle can we offer you all important modules for a successful European Medical Writing with high technical competence and language competence.

This covers – in the communication with experts – above all, the preparation of guideline-conform expert reports, scientific publications, review articles, reviews, technical brochures, seminar handouts, posters and press releases, internet offers as well as all required medical science documents for your sales force.

In the communication with patients and laymen we can offer you – when considering the legal restrictions – preparation of patient brochures, supplements to package information leaflets, PR articles and internet offers.