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Memo writing (mostly by email) has become the most important method of information exchange.
This specific course helps you to reach a higher level of efficiency in the foreign language with clear structure and precise wording.

Effective Meetings
Meetings are required in situations which do not allow for a simple yes or no answer.
Effective meetings are an important tool for time-efficient results in teamwork and decision-making.

Presentation Skills
Presentations are not only used to present results but also to faciliate decision making.
We support you with the required techniques for successful presentations in a foreign language.

People notice how difficult a language can be if they have to negotiate hard in this foreign language.
Goal-oriented negotiation techniques and the right choice of words form the basis to successful negotiations.

Culture Clash
Despite increasing globalisation, every culture has its own customs and ways; eg the difference between the formal and informal 'you' is stressed more in German than other languages.
We will inform you about the culture and the "do's und don'ts".

Courses for specialist
Tailor-made language coaching in your field of expertise will help you to improve the technical vocabulary and terminology.