Good translations read as if they are an original text !

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We offer you translations which provide you with an exact transformation of the original content, so that you have the impression as if the text was written in the target language of the translation.

Your advantages are:

  • Translations conducted by officially certified translators
  • Copy editing and localisation by native speakers
  • Review by internal Medical Experts
  • Target group specific adaption of your texts
  • Adherence to regulatory requirements
=> Exact translation of the text content which sounds like an original text

We provide you with a long-term experience in translating medical, pharmaceutical and scientific texts in the OTC- and Pharma segment with high quality standards.

  • preclinical and clinical expert reports
  • all relevant regulatory documents
  • all relevant documents for clinical research
  • all relevant medical and scientific documents
  • Documents for Marketing and product training

We achieve this high quality by means of a highly-efficient team work consisting of officially certified Technical Translators, Native Copy Editors and internal Medical Experts with long-term experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

The specifically country-dependant requirements for text format and terminology, e.g. for regulatory documents and clinical development documents, are fully considered in our translations.