Your medical-scientific projects are optimally supported by us!

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You would like to launch a product in the OTC field or ethical pharmaceutical market? You would like to define a new positioning, find further USPs or promote more strengths for your product and would like to communicate this efficiently to your existing target groups or define new target groups for your communication?

Or d
o you need an additional, experienced and creative headcount for your medical-scientific projects to implement innovative ideas and concepts?

Then we are the right service partner with our "MedWiss Service" for you!

Due to the fact that our highly qualified translators can directly translate your projects into other target languages, we are perfectly equipped for your international activities

Our team in the "MedWiss Service" department has long-term experience in the fields of medical scientific projects, clinical development, marketing authorisation and in other functions of the pharmaceutical industry and has been working for globally acting advertising agencies for many years.

The punctual completion of all projects while maintaining a high standard of quality and absolute discretion is our hallmark and the key to our success.