Qualification in Business Unit (BU) Translations

All of our employees are schooled translators with completed degrees in language studies and are officially recognised. The majority of our employees have been recruited from the  German National Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ). The translators have specialized knowledge  in one or more topics and work in their native language.   Therefore, we offer our customers state-certified translators with specialised knowledge, who, in addition to their studies, have several years experience in a foreign country.

Selection procedure for our employees

All freelance translators employed by Dr. Beckers & Partner Language Service must submit a demanding  trial translation in their field of expertise, which is then subjected to an evaluation with strict quality standards. In order to assure the best possible quality for our clients, we repeat this evaluation at random for every four out of ten projects. 

Allocation of translation tasks

The allocation of translation tasks depends exclusively on the relevant qualifications of the translator. The translators are chosed based on the desired language and the translator's native language. In addition, the translator's level of expertise in the subject area  is taken into consideration.